Healing Hemp Oil

My cousin makes some miraculous stuff and I am lucky enough to get to sell it! Some of you may have heard of the Rick Simpson oil, it is getting a lot of hype right now for curing cancers. Well, Rick Simpson oil is great. However it contains many different additives such as naphtha, alcohol, butane or ethane. None of those things should be put in your body.

My healing oil has zero additives, it is one hundred percent natural. During testing no THC was found so it will not show up on a blood test nor will it give you any side affects, not even a high. This hemp oil will alleviate pain, aid in digestion, it is an anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal. It will enhance appetite, diminish pain and is extremely effective in relieving skin problems. This is an energetic medicine meaning it adds vitality rather than subtracting it and it awakens the bodies natural ability to cure it self. It is convenient, it can be taken topically or orally. My favorite part is that the oil is an adaptagen, meaning it will help and/or cure whatever you use it for. Taken orally every day it will act as a vitamin, protecting your immune system. My favorite part is that it is a holistic medicine, meaning it will help to balance your body, mind and spirit.

The very best part though? We currently have doctors looking at the oil because they are seeing it cure so many things, especially cancers. Here are some more recent stories we have received:

One 72 year old lady, using our oil, was able to come off of her big pharmaceutical pain pills and lost forty pounds. Her husband had skin cancer on his nose and the oil took so much of it away at his next appointment the Dr. was confused and kept asking what he was applying.

About 2 months ago a man asked about our oil for his daughter who had a tumor the size of a golf ball at the back of her head, after a discussion he decided to start her on the oil. 3 weeks into it he called saying his daughter was feeling a lot better, and 6 weeks after starting the oil they had an MRI and found the tumor had shrunk in size. Once again the Dr’s were asking what was being used.

Personally, I use it for absolutely every thing. I have a best friend who gets bronchitis every year and she felt it coming on this year and took the oil and her bronchitis never developed. It works on burns, cuts, bruises etc. You can put it on anything and won’t be wrong!

It is only ten dollars a bottle and you can find it on my etsy!


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