2 Days vs 10 Weeks

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 7.10.48 PM

It’s been ten weeks since I last saw my boyfriend. That’s 70 sunrises and sunsets, 10 agonizing weeks of school, 30 yoga classes, and God only knows how much tea. All without him here. I find it really interesting how fast I realized what a partner he is to me. How life is just better when he’s around. His company alone is what makes my world spin, and 10 weeks is a really long time to spend apart after spending every day living together!

But guess what!? In TWO Days I will be how ever many thousand feet above the Earth in a  plane traveling hundreds of miles an hour to see him! I honestly have never been so excited for anything in my life. However, the last two days have gone so slow. It feels like this last two days is going to drag on slower than the entire rest of the 10 weeks did!

“Fortunately” I’m in finals so I have lots to do to keep my mind distracted. Except as it turns out, that’s not working out too well for me. I need to finish touching up and revising my two papers. I need to finish my 71 problem math review, and I need to start studying for my Product and Apparel Quality Analysis Class. But none of that’s going too hot. I went to the library yesterday but just couldn’t even focus for longer than a half an hour. Maybe I need an adder-all, maybe I just need him.

Wish me luck that my brain train tracks aren’t headed straight for Phoenix and maybe I can actually get some stuff done!


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