End of Semester Recap

This semester has been… a roller coaster. Lots and lots of change. During winter break I found out my boyfriend (who I was living with) wasn’t coming back to school because he got into a school in Arizona. So at the start of January I went back, and he stayed back home. Going into a 1,200 mile apart relationship from living together has been quite the experience..

In February I got my yoga instructor certificate, did a shadow process for a month and started teaching in March. I have LOVED teaching and can’t wait to keep growing as a yogi and as an instructor. I have been figuring out a lot of what works for me, and what just really doesn’t. The more time I have under my belt (even though I am just at the very very start of a life long journey) I keep being able to add more and more things to make my classes more “me.”

Towards the end of April a friend and I started a 20×20 garden. You can read about it here. Nothing has been in that plot for two years and it has been quite the feat getting our spot to look like a garden bed, and our soil ready to be able to plant. Because I am in Arizona visiting my boyfriend for 10 days (you can read about that here (; ) Victoria is going to be planting most of our seeds in the next week! I loved having the garden during finals week to go just be outside, it’s actually very therapeutic!

And may consisted of finals week, and on the last day of finals I flew down here to be with my boyfriend! After Arizona I fly straight to LA for a school trip, I am so excited!!! Also, I just got the best news! I took a 400 level class, multicultural perspectives on body and dress. The teacher is a huge advocate for grad school and everything in her class has to be extremely analytical. For our final we had to pick 2 topics out of three. In one page we had to analyze about a paragraph of stuff she wanted us to talk about. It was one of the hardest papers I have ever done. Buuuut, I just got this email

You’re amazing! You really impressed me with how well you did in 417. You are the ONLY one out of 125 students to get all 200 of the 200 points on the final, which means your ability to write and to analyze information is terrific….. You got 98.2% for a course grade.  Please stay in touch with me through the rest of your time here at WSU and you might think about the possibility of grad school……

Linda Arthur Bradley, Phd, Professor

Apparel Merchandising, Design and Textiles

Washington State University

I am literally like so happy! It’s amazing how hard work really does pay off.

Overall I’d say its been a pretty exciting semester, I’m hoping to end up with all a’s. Lot’s of change, but come to find out, change isn’t always bad.


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