Altered Books, Dinner Dates and Recording Studios

Sorry I’ve been so absent lately! I just got my semester grades and ended with two A’s, an A-, a B+ and a B. It’s not quite as good as I did last year but I am happy!

My Arizona trip is going amazing, I never want to leave. My boyfriend gave me some bad news two days ago that I am struggling to get over. It’s a really hard situation when you love someone and forgive them but still have a lot of very strong feelings that somehow need to be released. I have been keeping up with my yoga because that is like my therapy. During my final savasana I have been doing a mantra, “Lam” and focusing on the color red. This is meant to help your root chakra which helps with emotional and physical tensions. Hopefully I will be able to move past this soon.

Even though some shit’s happened, it is absolutely the BEST vacation to let myself sleep in (compared to my normal routine) and no matter what time I wake up it will be warm enough to go outside and do some yoga overlooking the golf course. I am in love with this warm weather life.

This mornings view

This mornings view

Come to find out my boys school doesn’t shut down when I come to visit (jokes) but fortunately he only has class 3-7. I got to walk around his school the other day, its amazing! It’s really, really small but there is albums all over the walls of records the school has engineered and posters of movies they have done sound for and everything. It would be really cool to have that inspiration hanging around you all the time. One of the “class rooms” is live sound and it’s basically just a stage with all the band stuff set up and a HUGE console that they all have to know how to work, which controls the sound coming out of the speakers.

Cramers birthday was the 11th so we went to his cousins house, where me and his cousin Emma basically made best friends. She introduced me to the altered book and I LOVE the idea. I’ve always felt very attached to books and I will never write in them until I’ve already read them once and deem that book “writeable.” I know, I sound crazy. But basically you just take a book and use papers, paints, stamps whatever, to turn the pages into almost like a scrapbook. I have only done one page on mine so far because I am stuck at boys house with no craft stuff, but I can’t wait to keep going when I get home.

This is an example of what it could look like

This is an example of what it could look like

We have been to the mall basically every day, which is perfectly okay with me. The Chandler Fashion Center has just about every store I could possibly want, except an urban Outfitters but I’m gonna ask Cramer, my personal chaperone (jokes again) if we can go find one. (I already google mapped it, its close (; ) There is a Free People and a Lululemon, which makes me basically the happiest girl alive and I am deciding if I want to spend the money on a lulu mat, yogis, any advice?

I just don’t want this trip to end! At least after this I fly into LA for another really exciting trip before I have to go back to real life.



2 thoughts on “Altered Books, Dinner Dates and Recording Studios

  1. So glad you enjoyed crafting together! 😄 we definitely need to keep in touch! Can’t wait to see all of the awesomeness you create ☺️

    Much love,


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