Xscape- Jacksons Back

I started this blog wanting to talk about music. I have always had such a passion for old music, but unfortunately old music rarely comes out new. But, it’s finally to get back on track! I think it’s interesting how celebrities can get even more famous in their post-humous careers. Rodney Jerkins has been working on this album for years, it had been ten years since he worked on one of the songs. He holed up in his studio, tapped into MJ’s “perfectionist spirit” and let it roll. And, in my opinion, it works. It’s an 8 track album and I love that he tried to bring it back.. Whatever “it” is. “Love never felt so good” was leaked back in April and I think it will definitely be the big hit from the album, but they’re all good! Jerkins tapped into talent like Timberland J-Roc Harmon, and John Mclean. I think his selection of artists must have been so hard to pick, who can fulfill a Michael Jackson album?
The album consists of 8 mostly finished songs from MJ’s collection. Originally when Michael heard the song he LOVED it, he claimed it “made him want to dance.” Which, one your working with MG is probably the ultimate barometer on a rhythm track.
I just love that Rodney Jerkins says he tried to channel “what would MJ be telling me if he was right here working with me.” I think in order to get such a perfect album, MJ might have been right there holed up in that studio, helping him every step of the way. Michael Jackson hasn’t may have left us, but he hasn’t left his music.


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