What I Love About Sunday



Found this photo on Pinterest and traced it back to topknotsundays.com 🙂

I am a firm believer in relaxation.. I feel like I’m kind of known for it, not sure if that’s a good thing or not.. Anyways, Sunday is by far my favorite day. It’s like, no matter what your beliefs, Sunday is meant to do nothing. (Maybe spend it with Jesus, fortunately that doesn’t require too much.)

I have been slacking in the blog world, but have recently spent sometime taking a blogging course online and big things are coming! But in the mean time here is a list of my favorite things about Sunday- and how to enjoy those things to the fullest.

  1. “Bed Time.” I try to not do things in the bedroom that take away from it being a relaxing place. I try to hang out in the living room, except when I’m actually sleeping. But Sunday morning is different. I wake up and do my “in bed yoga sequence.” I lolly gag- sitting on my iPad or maybe just staring at the ceiling. No matter what it is, I spend Sunday mornings in bed.
  2. Tea- Sunday should be a special day. Have a special Sunday Tea. I (try) to not drink my rose petal tea during the week so it feels extra special on Sundays. I truly believe tea’s have a spirit. Find a tea that is refreshing & renewing but subtle. Something to prepare you for a day of relaxation but still help you get ready for the week ahead.
  3. Baths- Sunday should be all about baths. Wake up after lounging in bed, get your delicious tea, and start a super hot bath. Mix in tea tree oil, essential oils of your choice (I love my lavender / grapefruit mix) and maybe put on an avocado oatmeal face mask. Let the steam and oils mix around the room with the door closed and let yourself steep.
  4. Church- I have always been the looser that actually loves church. But (unless I have to work) Church is the only thing I’m getting out of the house for on my Sunday. Having a good church that you truly believe in can be a great place to spend part of your Sunday. Remembering what you believe and why, hanging out with people you may not see throughout the week, and, back to that renewing Sunday feeling; Church is the best for this.
  5. Naps N’ Food: Naps n food, naps n food. On repeat. That’s what Sunday should be for. I have this idea of having a “special snack” for Sunday. Something borderline fancy that I can munch on all day long between my Netflix episodes and naps.

Basically it doesn’t take much to have a perfect Sunday. Don’t force yourself to do anything. I actually highly recommend never leaving the house.. but that’s just me. Whatever you do, keep in mind that we spend all week long running around, doing things we have to do, and how often are we taking time for ourselves? To do absolutely nothing? Probably not very often…

Reserve your Sundays for yourself.


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