How to Use Natural Aloe

My boyfriend lives in Arizona, on the bright side I have a warm weather house to visit anytime I want. However, being a lifelong Washingtonian, my skin doesn’t love the blazing sun quite as much as I do. After a 4.5 hour river float in 105+ degree weather, I needed some relief. Come to find out Cramer has a huge aloe plant growing on the side of his house! First things first, it STUNK! Natural aloe is nothing like you buy from the store! I found it ironic because once in Hawaii my brother got a severe sunburn and the local hawaiians told us to not ever use aloe vera from the store, it traps in the burn. Even though it smelled bad, it was probably the best relief I’ve ever felt! I wanted to pack up the entire plant and bring it to Washington with me.


Heres a photo of his whole plant. They are currently renting and it came with the house! It could use some tending to, but I don’t think my boyfriend or his dads are gonna be the ones to do it.. men!

So  you start by pulling some of the leaves. You want to pull from the outside, and towards the bottom of the plant. This will allow more room for the new leaves. Once you have your leaves you put them upright with the wide part at the bottom to allow some of the sap to run out.


Then you take the leaf and slice down each of the edges so you can open it up to have two halves.


you can see the slices of edges on the side of the bowl!


Once you’ve got this far you can take a spoon and scoop it all into a container, or just apply the aloe from the leaves right onto the skin!

Does anyone have other cool uses for aloe!? I’d love to hear in the comments!




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