Six Steps to an Empowered Heart

I have been reading Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolynn Myss and it is AMAZING! It’s so interesting to learn about each one of the chakras and how they each affect us both physically and mentally. In “The Anatomy of the Spirit” there is a section that talks about the Path to an Empowered Heart. Our fourth chakra mediates between our body and spirit, determining the health and strength- but more on this later. 🙂 But, because of this steady mediation, most of our healing takes place in the fourth chakra.

I have been going through “times of healing” I guess you’d say. Healing is simple, but by no means is it easy. But, I have fallen in love with the six relatively simple steps that Carolyn Myss lays out for us- making healing seem attainable.

  1. Commit to healing all the way to the source of the pain. This means no more half-ass, settling. In order to heal the very first step requires a LOT of work. Digging deep and figuring out what actually is the problem can take a lot of time, support, and patience.
  2. Once you’ve figured out what the real issue is, the next step is to identify these wounds. How do they play a role in your life? Do you use these as “wound- power?” What about these issues might actually cause you to fear healing? One big common misconception is we can heal all on our own… we can’t, no one can. Sorry for any disappointments there- but a big part of step two is to have someone close to you “witness” your wounds and their influence on your development. You need a close friend, a family member or a counselor to help you with this step.
  3. Alright- third step! We sort of touched on this in step two, but in this step we want to observe how we use our wounds to influence / control ourselves or others.. Do you lie and say your not feeling well, maybe cancel dates or appointments when in reality you feel fine? Are you afraid healing will cause you to loose certain people in your life? Do you control people by saying things they do remind you in some way of those wounds? Go about your day and pay close attention to the words you use. Change the way you talk- to others and yourself, all the way down to the way you think. This step can be super tough! Just recognizing we use our wounds for our own power is hard enough to see- let alone rewiring ourselves to change! Because this step can be so difficult it can helpful to remember that “it is often far more difficult to release the power you derive from your wound than it is to release the painful experience.”
  4. Personally, I have found the third step to be the hardest.. It can be so hard to see past pain and recognize that we may be doing things to actually hold on to that wound. However, once we get past the third step (in my experience) it can be very liberating, making the fourth step an easy transition! In my opinion this is where a real spiritual practice should come in, not that there’s ever anything wrong with starting early! The big goal of this step is to identify the good that has and will come from your wounds. In the third step it is challenging to see we may be holding on to negativity, the fourth step we let that go and turn it into positivity. Fake it till you make it has never been more true than here! Do you know that saying that the more you smile, the more you’ll feel like smiling? Pretty much sums up step four to an empowered heart- The more positivity you can draw from your wounds, the more you will actually be able to see it there. Even if it may feel forced at first.  Meditation, yoga, prayer, whatever- can be hugely beneficial here. You should find a spiritual practice and stick to it. Guiding your mind to something bigger than yourself will be crucial to moving on.
  5. Alright, here we are- the word we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time for forgiveness. If you haven’t established a heart of appreciation, you’re probably not ready to take on the task of forgiveness. Forgiveness tends to be an appealing theory for most- but often is an unattractive personal action. No one likes to forgive people, but everyone expects everybody else to. This might be because the true essence of forgiveness is still misunderstood. Forgiving someone isn’t saying “it’s okay” to the person who hurt you like most people think- taking us back to step one and recognizing the real issue. Forgiveness should come from the soul. It should be an act that was derived from the need to stop feeling like a victim. This happens deep within us- not by throwing a half ass “its okay” someones way.. Energetically and biologically forgiving someone raises our state of consciousness. Simply saying “it’s okay” and attempting to move on doesn’t make these deep changes required for actual healing. Sometimes having a “closure conversation” can help this process. Just make sure you aren’t carrying blame during this, or you’re still not quite ready to forgive. “Make sure your intention is to retrieve your spirit from yesterday, not to send yet another message of anger.”
  6. Woo- Last step! This one is the simplest of all- Think love. Live with appreciation and gratitude. Keep your spirit in the present time. Recognize we only have now. Move forward. Be Happy. and Live in Love.

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