Chakra #2: The Partnership Chakra

In the first Chakra we are very attached to “our tribe.” As the second chakra opens up we start to recognize other relationships, outside of our tribe, that can satisfy our personal and physical needs. Just like the first chakra, this is another low chakra relating to external forces. The energy of this chakra is what enables us to be able to have a sense of personal identity as well as emotional and physical boundaries. The sacred truth of the second chakra is to honor one another.

The second chakra symbolizes the idea that relationships are essentially just spiritual messengers. Each relationship brings us new ideas of our strengths and weaknesses. No relationship, whether business or personal, is without spiritual value. Sometimes, and some people more than others, have issues recognizing this. If we can let go of judging who and what has value, and move our focus into honoring the person and task we are involved with, it can be much easier to see the spiritual worth of each of those relationships.

The first chakra is very unified, as a tribe should be- but then splits into polarities in the second chakra, creating opposites that have been giving many names, my favorite being yin and yang. We use the energy of our second chakra to attract relationships that will help us to better know ourselves. This polar energy is the reason behind the saying “opposites attract.” By attracting opposites, both parties will have something to teach and something to learn.

Because of this creation of opposites, choice is born. Essentially we have choice in every single decision we make- even ones that really may not seem like it. The challenge of the second chakra isn’t to make the right choice every time- that’s actually kind of irrelevant. “It is not what we choose that matters; our power to influence an outcome lies in our reasons for making a certain choice.” Every choice we make stems from faith or fear. What is the driving force behind your choices? The second chakra harbors all our individual survival choices.

This can draw problems in relationships because our choices can cause us to come to the issue “where do I end and where does the other person begin?” This may seem good at the time, to be so infatuated by your significant other. “Relationships generate conflict, conflict generates choice, choice generates movement, and movement generates conflict.” But spiritually conscious decisions transcend dualism, breaking this cycle and bringing down perceived divisions between ourselves and others and ourselves and God.

The second chakra is the reason we have a desire to create (this is different from inspiration- more on that later!) Literally and figuratively the second chakra is the birth canal. Our sexual organs are here, and our sheer desire to create is here. Whether it be through childbearing, cooking, a project, gardening. We all have an innate desire to create something. This can lead to “energy suffocation” though- just as any parent can figuratively “suffocate” their child, we can suffocate our creative energies.

The second chakra is a primary resource for how we deal with our day to day events. Blocking this energy can give rise to impotence, infertility, vaginal infections etc. If allowed to flow this creative energy will reveal more and more why things happen- much more so than we could ever do on our own. Gossip and manipulation however, constantly drain energy from our second chakra.

We can see many many ways that money has been equated to a sexual force- leaving the issue of money to be dealt with by the energies of the second chakra. We all have an element of the prostitute- that we could be controlled to do something with the right financial figure. This brings us back to choice- are we acting in faith or fear?

“The physical order of which the first chakra is in charge makes us feel safe, and it’s laws make us feel that control exists within our environment. The ethics and morals of the second chakra provide us with a language through which we can communicate what we accept and don’t accept in human relationships.”

The second chakra holds our personal power- something many of us feel very uncomfortable, explaining why sharing feelings can be hard. The author says when she asks participants to describe their relationship to power- everything changes. They begin shifting, looking away, covering their second chakras (putting an elbow on the knee, crossing the legs or leaning over.

“The core issue in uniting the dualistic energies of our relationships is to learn how to honor one another.”


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