Good Books

Good books should be like a vacation, whether good or bad. A good book should take you somewhere far away, even just from your couch. It should teach you lessons, show you something about that type of person; show you something about yourself. When a book is finally over and you finish the last line slowly, weary. You shouldn’t know what to do next, like a piece of you just ended. You should want someone else to have it after you, so they can learn, and be enlightened and liberated by the pages inside, that affected you; the pages that took you away.

A good book should make you feel. Maybe really happy, joyful, and full of new hope. Other times a book can take you down a dark path, one you didn’t quite know existed. That’s what books are about. Opening doors, or showing you hidden caves and teaching you about something, that without the use of a fictional character, you may never understand.

So here I am, to find the most worthy books. The ones that will suck you deep inside it’s open pages, not to come out again until you finally close the back cover. The ones that will enlighten you.


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