My boyfriend lives in Chandler, Arizona. 1200 miles away. I am going to visit him May 9th-19th and I could not be more excited! Keep an eye out, amazing Arizona posts will show here!


I leave today 😦 So sad to leave my man, but so thankful we were able to find such an affordable airline. It was so good to get to come and visit after being apart for ten weeks. (especially when we spent the year prior living together.) But it makes me so happy to be back with him and see that really nothing has changed. We picked up right where we left off and seeing each other every 6 weeks should be very do able. Grateful for such a perfect trip and looking forward to my LA trip! I’m in the airport right now, get to LA and head straight to our alumni night. Keep up to date with my LA trip!


It’s my last full day here, so depressing! 😦 We went to the coolest Sushi bar, called the Sushi room in Chandler, Arizona. They had a HUGE wall of live plants. I’ve seen set ups like that with succulents, but I would love to do something like this.

A live plant wall, I fell in love.

A live plant wall, I fell in love.

We had like 6 different roles, and they were all delicious. And that’s coming from someone with minimal sushi experience until I met my love. I’m picky.

The first round of rolls!

The first round of rolls!




They played a lot of my kind of music, fleetwood Mac, Creedance Clearwater, you know, all the music that actually matters. Every Thursday they have live music and I can’t wait to come back and hopefully get to go there on one of those nights! After Sushi we went back to Cramers cousins because I left my book there and we hung out for a little bit and then we went to a two dollar theater and saw Transcendence. I’m not really a movie person but I LOVED that! Then again, I don’t think Johnny Depp could be in a bad movie. If things don’t work out with Cramer…. 😉



Today was probably my favorite day yet!!! We went to Lake Pleasant and it was so cool. It’s a HUGE lake way out in the desert. When you drive out everything is just different shades of beige except the ten thousand cacti that line the hills. Finally, after what feels like forever, we saw the lake! There’s like a million different coves and you pick one and drive right down next to the water. We brought two kayaks, squirt guns, snorkeling stuff and floaties. It was scorching out, 104 degrees and holy sh%$ this white girl isn’t built for that! But I drank my watermelon smirnoff, with raspberry lemonade and was hardly out of the water. Snorkeling around was literally my favorite and took me back to all our Hawaii days. (Not that an Arizona lake is anything like the Hawaiian waters, but it works.) We were there basically all day and as soon as we got home everyone passed out, it’s crazy what the sun will do to ya!

First trip out in the kayak!

First trip out in the kayak!

DSCN1667 DSCN1670 DSCN1676 wfmZq


5/12/14 – 5/16/14

Oops, I haven’t been doing too hot at updating this page! Cramer has school 3-7 during the week so we kind of have been just laying low, going to the mall, hanging out at home and just spending time together. It’s really nice to not have to do anything, and just be able to spend time together being all lovey- dovey again! We got promise rings! I like to believe I’m “not really a diamond girl” but I found one that is perfect. It almost has an antique feel and it couldn’t be prettier in my opinion!



Today’s Cramers birthday!! We went to his cousins house (I hadn’t met this family yet) and laid by the pool and had a perfect dinner! I loved this family, the parents are exactly how I hope to be someday. He has two boy cousins, Sam and Dan. Sam is in a band called Lane Change, they do classic rock covers and actually are doing really well! His cousin Emily is a theater major and we hit it off instantly. She has the most amazing craft room, I’m only a little jealous… and we crafted, working on our altered books for a few hours!

Emma's craft room. On the other side there is huge ceiling to floor pantries FULL of paper crafting stuff, paints, washi tape, art journals, everything you could possibly need.

Emma’s craft room. On the other side there is huge ceiling to floor pantries FULL of paper crafting stuff, paints, washi tape, art journals, everything you could possibly need.

Birthday boys underwater shot

Birthday boys underwater shot

I really suck at not plugging my nose underwater..

I really suck at not plugging my nose underwater..




Eek! I’m here 🙂 When I got off the plane Cramer was waiting for me inside the airport with a such a pretty bouquet! We came home and had a nice dinner and just talked. Today was such a perfect full day together! In the morning we went to Target, basically my favorite store. Never had a target where I live, it’s kind of a treat. After we went to the mall and Cramer took me to Free People first and let me just wander around the entire store, touching everything and pulling most things off the racks to look at. We went all around the mall. I’m kind of a picky mall person and Chandler Fashion Center is amazing. I didn’t buy anything today because he suggested I should come home and mule it all over in my head and we can go back tomorrow. He’s so cute. After we got back from that we went on a four and a half hour river float down the Salt River! It was such a cool experience. You drive waaay out basically in the desert and theres a little stand with tubes. There was so many people there when we went to get our tubes, it was crazy! So you get your tube, get on an OLD school bus thats repainted for the company, and some of the seats behind the driver are taking out and bars are replaced so the tubes can go somewhere. Then they drive you a couple more miles out and drop you at another point to get out! There was so many people in the river too, families just swimming around and then all the people on tubes. There was like, a definite frat party so we got away from them. Then a bunch of people on the coolest tube. It was basically a boat and the front was like lawn chairs that lean back to tan on!? They had a fat joint kicked back on their inflatable raft boat thing. Oh! We had a tube that had like a wooden bucket in it so we could put our cooler in there! Perfect way to float a river. Beats how we used to put beer in a net and tie it to our tube!


Some of the scenery

Some of the scenery

Ignore my shut eyes, of course he took the picture right when I was saying "Hurry, its bright!" But, that's a huge ass cactus.

Ignore my shut eyes, of course he took the picture right when I was saying “Hurry, its bright!” But, that’s a huge ass cactus.


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